Disconnecting the Dots

I recently read Disconnectedby Jesse Squires. That post really resonated with me, not because I too had recently gone on a technology break but because I dislike and am burned out by the constant need to “keep up to date”. That cycle is really painful to me.

I used to be excited about WWDC (Apple’s yearly developer conference), especially when I started learning iOS. Those were days where I had no experience and needed to gather as much as possible. Now, I still don’t know much but have more experience and recognize how little I know. So every year the amount I don’t know is emphasized by this conference, and then made worse. That sucks.

At work we use The Composable Architecture and that framework has been updated to use the new Swift async-await/structured concurrency features. All of that is new stuff on top of a language that is still relatively new to me. And when I asked some questions, admittedly pretty novice ones, the response from the engineer was “go watch these videos”. Ugh. Cool, homework to fit into my work day that already feels like I’m unproductive during. Thanks.

Anyhow. Not being on the bleeding edge and knowledgable in everything can be freeing, but for me that takes a willful effort to be okay.